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Audio / Visual Installation Services

Home audio and visual (AV) systems have the power to transform home entertainment into a truly cinematic experience. For offices and businesses, too, an AV system can enhance productivity and collaboration. But with so many brands and models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your environment? On The Wall, providers of audio visual installations in Florida, help you decide.


It goes without saying, but setting a budget is the first step in buying any piece of equipment. Your budget will indicate what features and capabilities you will receive in the AV system. You could also ask for the expertise of an AV integrator who will breakdown all the costs for you to make a more informed decision.

Electrical needs

It is essential to assess the electrical requirements of the AV system before you invest in it. If you have not conducted thorough research of the same, you may find interference from other devices, especially in an office environment where multiple pieces of equipment are working simultaneously. On The Wall recommends hiring a professional who can indicate if you have the right power supply to install the AV system.

Audio / Visual Installation Services


Next, it is essential that you analyse the amount of space there is to install the audio visual system. This is easy in a home environment where it is usually in one room of the house. However, in an office environment, it is important that the system is audible and viewable across the entire space for the benefit of all employees.

Cable pathways

As with other electronic equipment, AV systems require cables and wires to function. To ensure your existing space is aesthetically pleasing and functional, you may need to drill or install cables underground or in the walls. On The Wall recommends hiring a professional to ensure it is a neat job.

However, there are also wireless AV systems that save you the cost and effort of modifying your existing structures.

Thus, if you are a home or business owner who needs AV system installation in Florida, look no further. On The Wall is here to help. Contact us today!

 Audio / Visual Installation Services

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