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How to Choose a Home Theater System

Looking to upgrade your existing home entertainment system? Thanks to affordable technology, home theatre installations are now common across residential and commercial enterprises across the country. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy a fantastic movie theatre experience. On The Wall, expert home theatre installers in Florida, offer the following tips to build the perfect home theatre system.

Components of the home theatre system

Choosing the right components for your home theatre system, based on your budget and requirements, is crucial. So, what are the most important components you need?

Components of the home theatre system

Video output

At the outset, it is essential to decide if you want to invest in a television or video projector and screen by considering the size of the room and your budget. If you are going down the projector route, you can choose between mounting it on the wall or one that electronically comes down from the ceiling. With a TV or projector, it is recommended to choose one that is capable of 4K resolution and is HDR-enabled.

Audio output

The true king of a home theatre system is the sound. In standard televisions, the audio output is through built-in speakers. However, in a home theatre system, the speaker setup consists of several high-quality speakers installed across the room. Most home theatres use 7.1 surround sound that includes seven channel speakers and one subwoofer.

Choosing the room

On The Wall offers the following tips while choosing the perfect home theatre room:

  1. Use a room that is enclosed with four walls and a door for better sound quality.
  2. A rectangular room is ideal as sound bounces around perfectly.
  3. Consider how many people you can accommodate at one time and choose the screen size accordingly.
  4. Cover hard floors with sound-absorbing materials such as rugs and carpets.
  5. Use heavy curtains to block out windows, blinds, or shutters.
  6. Avoid reflective surfaces in the room to prevent reflections on your TV screen for better picture quality.
Home theatre installation
lighting the home theatre system


Finally, complete the room with the right lighting for a real theatre experience. Using theatre lighting such as recessed lighting or sconces can help create the ambiance and mood you are looking to achieve. You can also use RF dimmers to control the lights with a remote control. And On the Wall can help you with your lighting installations too.

Now that you know the basics of your dream home theatre system, contact On The Wall to help with design and installation today!

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