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Installation of a quality security camera system in a home or office can secure your premises from intruders and reduce the threat of crimes. However, with countless brands and options to choose from, the process of selecting the right one can be confusing. On The Wall, experts in security camera installations, outlines a few factors to consider before making the decision.


The resolution of the camera is easily the most important feature to be considered before making the purchase. The security of your home or office can be compromised if the resolution is low and the images and videos are pixelated or blurred. We recommend investing in cameras that have a resolution of 1080p at least.

Night vision

Homes and commercial enterprises need maximum security at night as the prevalence of thefts, robberies and other crimes is higher. It is imperative that the camera system you invest in is equipped with night vision, so you are, literally, not left in the dark.

Sensors and detection

On The Wall recommends installing cameras that have sensors with the ability to detect movements or noise for greater security. These cameras can send alerts to an app that can be monitored on a smartphone for ease of use.


As a home or business owner, it is first important to determine the most vulnerable areas in your premises. Experts from On The Wall can help you decide where to mount your camera system for optimal coverage. Different locations on the premises require different types of camera systems. For example, you cannot install the same camera in your yard as the one in your living room.

Types of camera

The most common types of cameras to choose from include:

Wireless cameras: These cameras do not need wires to be installed and can be controlled with ease wirelessly.

Bullet cameras: These old-school cameras are fixed and offer coverage of just one direction usually.

Dome cameras: These cameras are usually found in commercial enterprises such as malls and office buildings, and offer 360-degree coverage.

Security Cameras
Budget - security camres


Security cameras are available in different configurations on the market today. It is important to fix a budget before delving into the installation of your CCTV cameras. You may not want to spend too much but it is also important to not compromise on this as it concerns your security.

Thus, if you are looking for quality security camera systems and their seamless installation, contact On The Wall today!

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